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In an attempt to be a little healthier and eat more balanced dinners, B and I started making a point to have salads with our dinners each night. However, washing the lettuce or spinach, peeling and chopping carrots and cucumbers and all of the other salad fixings can be tedious and time consuming, especially when preparing a main dish as well.

We were talking one night about how convenient cafeteria and grocery store salad bars are, so we brainstormed ways to bring the convenience of a salad bar into our own kitchen. The solution we came up with is very simple and has been working extremely well, and cuts down on dinner prep time and dishes significantly – and has made packing lunches a cinch!


We found everything we needed at Target, and spent less than $20 on the whole set up! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the items on the Target website to link to.

Here’s what we used to create our own at-home salad bar:

Two small plastic containers with locking lids


Plastic interlocking drawer organizers – these were helpful so that we could customize the layout of each container.