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When my sister and her family moved, she gave us a couple of cabinets she’d bought from IKEA (many years ago) and had used in her kitchen for extra storage. They were plain wooden cabinets, one deeper than the other, and she had often stacked them like a hutch and used them for food storage, etc.

We had just moved in together, and were still trying to figure out how we were going to set up the apartment, what furniture we needed, etc. There’s not a lot of cabinet space in our very tiny kitchen, so were thrilled when she offered them to us. However, our kitchen and dining room are connected, and the way it’s configured, we couldn’t stack them as she had done. Plus, we really wanted a free-standing island/breakfast nook.

So we got creative.

After a good deal of talking and planning, we took a trip to HomeDepot and picked up a piece of plywood, ceramic tiles (and grout, etc), paint and door handles. Then we swung over to IKEA and picked up some more legs to match those that were already on the piece my sister had used for the base cabinet. Then we got to work. We cleared out the dining room, laid down a drop cloth, broke out the sandpaper, power drill, paintbrushes and got to work. We then made another trip to HomeDepot to get the rest of the supplies we’d forgotten.


I think it was about half-way through the project that we looked at each other and thought “oh crap, what did we get ourselves into with this project?” Did I mention that we had just moved in together!?!?


After a weekend of hard work and frustration on both our parts (and me being dubbed “project take-over queen”) we finally finished our kitchen island/breakfast nook. And despite our struggles, or perhaps because of them, we finished our project feeling closer than ever, with a shared sense of accomplishment.



We now have two functional storage units, a breakfast nook and a sidebar!