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After what seemed like weeks of clouds and (admittedly needed) rain, the sun was finally shining in Boston today, and the temperature rose above 60°. Oh happy day! This outfit seemed to me the perfect way to celebrate the spring weather without freezing in my way too cold office.

I stopped by Jo-Ann Fabrics on a Saturday morning to pick up a couple things for a project (which I’ve yet to finish!), but they hadn’t opened yet. Remembering a coworker had told me about some cute dresses on sale, I popped next door to Old Navy, and scored this cute dress on clearance! Old Navy tends to be pretty hit or miss for me, and this was the only thing I saw there that I really liked, but I’m excited to have found it; I think it will be a fun addition to my closet for this spring. The sweater, shoes (Steve Madden) and belt were all thrifted at various points over the last year. My purse is Elle that I picked up at Kohl’s for $8 (90% off the original price) last fall.

Here’s a close-up of the pattern of the dress:

I was hoping that it was going to stay warm enough to go out for a bike ride after dinner, but it cooled down a lot. Maybe tomorrow… with all this cold and rainy weather, we’ve been looking longingly at the bicycles when we pass them and we’re both itching to take them out for a spin!