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Months ago, I pinned a great idea to my Craft and DIY Projects board – a shadow box for storing and displaying ticket stubs. I’m happy to report that I finally got my act together and made one!

This is my take on the ticket stub memory box:

Here was my (p)inspiration:

I decided to go with two tickets instead of just one, because my intention with this project was to create a place for B and I to store mementos from things that we’ve done together or have special meaning for us as a couple, including:

    • lift tickets from a recent ski trip
    • my first commuter rail pass from when we moved in together
    • movie ticket stubs from dates

I’m hoping that we’ll continue to add to it, and be more mindful of saving these little mementos now that we have somewhere to keep them that doesn’t create clutter.

I’m having an issue with everything just falling to the bottom behind one another, instead of standing up and being seen, so I may end up tweaking this down the line somehow. Any suggestions?

Do you save ticket stubs or receipts from special moments? If so, how do you store them? Tucked away in a memory box? In a scrapbook? Something like this?